Nutrition & Functional Medicine

Leaving no stone unturned to optimise your health & performance

Assessing you as an individual,
 Addressing the root cause of symptoms

At Nutrio we focus on preventative & natural healthcare; optimising physical and mental health and chronic health conditions.  

We assess you as an individual, finding an approach that suits you. Enabling you to reclaim your health and feel like YOU once again.  
At Nutrio, your health becomes our number one priority. We work with you to provide a nutritional intervention and lifestyle program that suits you, at the speed you need.  

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Why Choose Nutrio

Do you have niggling, persistent symptoms...  
Hormonal imbalances?
Resistant weight loss?
Painful bloating?
Irregular bowel habits?
Skin issues?
Increasing food sensitivities?
Frequent illnesses?
Trouble concentrating and brain fog?
Low/erratic energy and mood?
Poor sleep?

Nutrio can help..
We often learn to accept these to be part of everyday life however they can be a sign that our body is not working optimally.    

At Nutrio we work tirelessly to identify imbalances or dysfunctions at the root cause of your health condition and provide support throughout the process of implementing natural nutritional and lifestyle interventions.    

Be it supporting the health of your gut, hormones or nervous system we leave no stone unturned to optimise your overall health and wellbeing.    
Each protocol is individual, tailored to your unique specific need using current scientific research.

You will receive personalised diet and lifestyle advice and accompanying supplement protocols, if required.    

Professional biochemical testing is undertaken where necessary, to ensure approaches are targeted to your needs.

Meet Jennie


I'm Jennie, founder of Nutrio.    

I understand that imbalances can build up in the body over time which can cause your digestive system, hormones, immune, nervous or other body systems to function less optimally.    

I take the time to listen to your complete case history.  I work tirelessly to find the root-cause of any bodily imbalances helping you feel more energetic and supporting you to take back control of your health.    

If required, I use cutting edge biochemical and/or genetic testing; I analyse the results and explain how we can tailor your plan to you unique needs.    

I am trained to help and support you.  I have a First Class BSc in Neuroscience, a First Class Post Graduate Diploma in Personalised Nutrition and a Nutritional Therapy Practice Diploma.  

Since I understand that changes in nutrition and lifestyle are rooted in behavioural change, I am also trained in NLP coaching techniques, which we can integrate into your programme as much as we need to.    

However, the most important criteria I fulfil, is that I absolutely love what I do!

Jennie Porch
Registered Nutritional Therapist CNHC  
Nutritionist mBANT  
NLP Prac. ANLP  
BSc Neuroscience